Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding? – Myth or Fact

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding: If you’ve recently given birth and you’re wondering if you can get pregnant again while breastfeeding.

There are some people who want to prevent pregnancy if their baby is small. It is common to have questions about getting pregnant while breastfeeding. You may also be curious about how will you know if you have conceived, and what will happen to your milk supply. Don’t worry – Here, we will answer your question ‘Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding’.

Two out of every 100 women who breastfeed as their only form of birth control can become pregnant within six months of giving birth. Generally, breastfeeding is not recommended as birth control. However, there is evidence that breastfeeding reduces the chance of pregnancy.

A temporary birth control, Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM), can be effective as a hormonal contraceptive (like the pill). However, LAM is not a great birth control method for you, and it doesn’t work if you use a breast pump – you need to nurse your baby if you want your breastfeeding to prevent pregnancy. It is important to note that breastfeeding can only be used as birth control for the first 6 months of a baby’s life, or until your period returns.

How Do I Start Using Breastfeeding as Birth Control?

You can start using the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) as soon as your baby is born. It may take some time for you to get used to breastfeeding. Most people need help in the beginning, especially, if it is their first child.

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

It is a very common question among new moms, and the simple answer is ‘Yes’, it is absolutely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.  However, breastfeeding offers some protection from ovulation for a period of time. The key players here are the hormones oxytocin and prolactin which produce milk. When these hormone levels increase, it prevents the brain from producing the key hormone that stimulates the ovaries to grow an egg each month.

When a mother exclusively breastfeeds, she is less likely to ovulate until she begins to wean. However, it doesn’t mean that you would not ovulate or conceive.

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding Without a Period?

Since ovulation occurs before menstruation in your menstrual cycle, the absence of your period does not eliminate the possibility of ovulation at any given time. In fact, it is very common for you to get a period about 2 weeks after ovulation. If you wait until your period to start using other methods of birth control, it may be too late to prevent pregnancy if you are trying.

How Breastfeeding Affects Fertility?

Once you have a baby, it will take a few weeks, a few months, or even longer for your body to be fertile again. It takes approximately 6 weeks for your body to heal after vaginal childbirth. If you don’t breastfeed, you may see the return of your period around this time as well.

How to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

If you don’t want to give up breastfeeding and want another baby, you can go ahead and try. If you are not successful, you can go back to breastfeeding and partially wean the baby you are breastfeeding. It is enough to breastfeed only in the morning and at bedtime to bring about the return of your period.

When you stop breastfeeding, your menstruation may return within four or eight weeks. However, some women do not have periods or longer even after complete weaning.


I hope you got the answer to the question “Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?” – For mothers who do not want to have children too close in age, exclusive breastfeeding may help prevent pregnancy. However, when you have fertility issues and time is of the essence, it can be hard to choose between breastfeeding and trying for your next child.


Symptoms of ovulation after birth include changes in body temperature, cervical mucus, ovulation pain, breast pain and increased sex drive.
It is a very common question among new moms, and the simple answer is 'Yes', it is absolutely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding and not having a period. However, the chances of conception are reduced
If you have low progesterone levels, your period returns earlier than mothers with high levels.
The average period returns in 3 - 6 months or more when breastfeeding

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