Is Prime Hydration Drink Healthy For You?

Is Prime Hydration Drink Healthy For You: Energy drinks have been a popular way to quench thirst since 1997, when Red Bull debuted in the U.S market.

The latest energy drink is “Prime Hydration Drink”, launched in 2022 by two well known YouTuber, Logan Paul and KSI, has been widely successful, especially among kids.

What is Prime Hydration Drink?

Actually it is a refreshing drink that contains coconut water with added vitamins and minerals and comes in a variety of flavors including Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Meta Moon, Ice Pop, and Orange versions. This drink is not a energy drink because it does not contain caffeine, and has zero sugar with 20 calories per bottle.

Is Prime Hydration an Energy Drink?

There are two types of Prime drinks in the market, Prime Hydration and Prime Energy. 

Prime Hydration is not an energy drink. Basically its a sports drink and it does not contain caffeine. Also this drink comes with zero sugar, and is instead sweetened with aspartame.

On the other side, Prime Energy is an energy drink and contains 200 mg of caffeine in 12 ounces, which is more than two cans of Red Bull.

Prime Hydration – Regular Flavours

Prime Hydration Drink is available in a variety of taste and flavours. Here is the list below:

Prime Hydration Drink Name Flavours
Ice Pop Red, White and Blue Bottles
Blue Raspberry  Turquoise Bottle
Tropical Punch Red Bottle
Lemon Lime Lime Green Bottle
Meta Moon White Bottle
Grape Purple Bottle
Strawberry Watermelon (US Only) Pink Bottle
Orange Bright Orange Bottle
Lemonade (US Only) Yellow Bottle

Why is Prime Hydration So Popular?

The popular YouTube content creators Logan Paul and KSI is the founder of Prime Hydration Drink. Together they have almost 50 million subscribers on YouTube.

With that huge fan following, the drink is always going to be popular. Paul once said that the drink had generated $250 million global retail sales and $45 million in January 2023.

Why is Prime So Expensive?

The drink has been in high demand in the UK since its launch. As a result, the hydration drink has become harder to get hold of and has driven up prices.

Benefits of Prime Hydration Drink

There are some of the benefits of this drink we have mentioned below:

01. Enhances Recovery:- After workout, your body needs to refill nutrients and repair muscle tissue. This drink contains amino acids like glutamine, which can help in muscle recovery and reduce pain.

02. Improves Endurance:- According to studies, consuming sports drink like Prime Hydration during workout can improve endurance and delay fatigue.

03. Replenish Fluids and Electrolytes:- Our body loses fluids and electrolytes during physical activity through sweat. This drink contains electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium which help to refill lost nutrients and keep your body hydrated.

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Is Prime Hydration Drink Healthy For You?

Prime Hydration Drink is not an energy drink, it is a sports drink and does not contain anything particularly unhealthy and contains beneficial vitamins and amino acids.

Also they come with no added sugar. However, you should be aware that they contain artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium and sucralose, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Prime Hydration Drink contains a number of essential vitamins like (B-6 and B-12) which is important for brain development, and for maintaining a healthy nervous system and immune system. Also, they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Most people prefer water for hydration during exercise, but a sports drink like Prime Hydration can be a good alternative. However, drinking too much Prime Hydration Drink can also be harmful to your health because of the artificial ingredients.

Is Prime Hydration Safe For Kids?

Prime Hydration is similar Gatorade and other sports drinks in the market. This drink comes with no carbohydrates (energy), and should not be considered an energy source for children before, during or after activity.

The artificial sweeteners give the drink a palatable taste. If kids consume large amounts of these artificially sweetened products, they risk displacing the more nutrient- and energy-dense foods they need for proper growth and development.

7 Best Prime Hydration Flavors

If you’re looking for a delicious drink that can help you boost your electrolytes and get more hydrated, you should definitely try Prime Hydration. Here are the best Prime Hydration flavors to try:

01. Blue Raspberry: – This flavor is favorite among many customers. This hydration drink gives you a sweet and fruity taste of blue raspberry. This flavor comes in a blue color bottle.

02. Strawberry Watermelon: – This flavor is a mingle of two classic fruit flavors, strawberry and watermelon. It has a sweet taste and perfect for those who love fruity drinks.

03. Lemon Lime: – This hydration is suitable for those who love lemon flavor. The lemon lime flavor gives you a refreshness and it can be amazing as a thirst quencher.

04. Ice Pop: –  This flavor gives a classic refreshment packed with electrolytes in a nostalgic flavor. Basically it is a mixture of different fruit flavors including cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

05. Orange: – This flavor is another classic option that has the natural sweetness of orange compared to other artificial taste. It can be a good choice for those who like fruit flavored.

06. Grape: – If you like grape flavor, you will definitely appreciate the taste of Prime Hydration Grape flavor. The grape flavor comes in a purple bottle and you can easily spot it.

07. Meta moon: – If you need ultimate hydration after physical activity, Prime Hydration Meta Moon may be the perfect option for you. This drink gives you the taste of candy and is one of the most hydrating drinks as it contains electrolytes, coconut water, zinc and BCAA.


Prime Hydration Drink is one of the best option for those who want to stay hydrated after or during physical activities. This drink comes in a wide range of flavors that provides various benefits such as replenishing fluids and electrolytes and improving endurance.

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